Identify the Nigerian Celebrity..and win a recharge card
I know this is easy but I need to put a smile on someone's face:-). But you have to tell me the name of his wife and kids. First person to get the answer wins a recharge card :-) 
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Polish Woman Dedicates Life To Sleeping With 100,000 Men!

On a mission: Ania Lisewska, 21, has reportedly vowed to bed 100,000 men across the globe 
Ania Lisewska, a Polish woman, has reportedly vowed to travel to every city across the world in a bizarre quest to sleep with 100,000 men.  She embarked on the unusual mission in her home city last month and has so far added 284 notches to her bedpost. But while the 21-year-old's long term boyfriend is more forgiving than most - he hasn't dumped her after all - he's understandably 'not thrilled' by the idea. Miss Lisewska said that he has 'had to come to terms with it'. She told the Austrian Times: 'I want men from Poland, Europe and all around the world. I love sex, fun and men. She will only look to complete the task at the weekends and has set up a Facebook page and a website to chart her exploits. She adds that she hopes to spend at least 20 minutes with each partner. According to reports, having sex with that many people for 20 minutes at a time would take Miss Lisewska 3.8 years to complete if she didn't stop for food or sleep. Seeing as she only plans to partake on Saturdays and Sundays, the task would take 20 years non-stop. Assuming she lives to the age of 81, to hit 100,000 Miss Lisewska would have to up her quota to around 16 men on both days of the weekend. What an ambition! Do you think she's mentally stable? Is her boyfriend also normal?

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Lagosians Make Money Selling Sperm For N50,000 - Fertility Clinics

Fertility clinics
People get married for different reasons. While some seek companionship in marriage, many go into marriage for procreation.  For couples who look forward to having children immediately after marriage, being declared ‘infertile’ by experts is like a death sentence. While it is generally agreed that it takes two to have a baby and every couple is expected to be in optimum health to have babies, medical experts claim men are having more fertility challenge now.  Sperm concentration in men is said to have decreased by a third since 1990s while sperm count is said to have decreased by half over the past 50 years. Wow! This is "good" business o! Continue to read the rest ...
Studies are also showing genetic abnormalities in sperm particularly in older men. For men therefore, quantity, quality and motility of spermatozoa are seen as important factors in fertility. Since the male factor is a prominent cause of infertility in couples, sperm donation has become vital in assisted conception treatment. A study by the Society for the Study of Male Reproduction stated that “a male factor is solely responsible in about 20 per cent of infertile couples and contributory in another 30 to 40 per cent.” According to experts, even when sperm numbers are great, a high proportion of men may have DNA damage that significantly impairs the chances of natural conception. Besides, male sperm deteriorates with age the same way it does for women. Studies have also shown that if a man has poor health, smokes, drinks too much or has a bad diet, it’s very likely his sperms are also going to be unhealthy. Indeed, investigation by Saturday PUNCH showed that sperm has become a commodity in high demand in Lagos. 

The Chief Consultant and Head, Obstetrician and Fertility Department, Eko Hospitals, Dr. Adegbite Ogunmokun, said fertility problem, based on recent experience, had tilted more towards the male factor. He said, “If 10 couples come in, there will be problem with the male in six of them, using our parameter of 20 million sperm per millimetre. But 10 to 15 years ago, maybe about four out of 10 men would have problem.” Our correspondents, who visited some fertility centres in Lagos, learnt that more men are having low sperm count, thus necessitating the need for more volunteer donors. But because donors are scare, fertility clinics offer as much as N50,000 to men who are interested in selling their sperm. They also pay more when sellers have special features that the beneficiaries are looking for. Like blood sellers, investigations show that many people in Lagos, especially students, now sell their sperms anytime they need money.

A student of the University of Lagos, who identified himself as John, said he had sold sperm to a few fertility centres in Lagos. John said he had been funding his education for the past two years with what he earned from selling his sperm. John said he was introduced to the programme by a friend and that he had in turn brought in two other friends to ‘business’. “I’ve sold to a number of fertility centres. The money has really helped me to stay in school. It takes care of my tuition and some other personal needs,” John said, with a measure of satisfaction. “It’s cool money, really and I’m also doing a service to mankind by helping out some people in need. Even friends that I introduced to it have not turned back since then.” An employee in a Lagos fertility clinic, who identified himself as Olufunsho, told Saturday PUNCH that some women would pay any amount to get a sperm seller with the features they want.

He said, “We pay N50,000 here but there are times when women come in and request that, at all cost, they must get a tall man. The person can earn more when they make such requests, especially if we don’t have any that fits the profile in our bank. “There was a time a woman came and requested that we get a tall man for her at all cost. I showed her the samples we had, but she did not like the profile. She said she was not satisfied with the heights. And we were unable to get what she wanted from the sellers that came at the time. “The sellers that came then were either AS, or positive with hepatitis B or had low sperm count. We had up to twelve sellers that came and we were unable to get anybody. In such cases, we could offer a lot more when we find the right person. Sometimes, such people are also in a position to negotiate for what they want.” However, subsequent drops attract lesser amounts of money for the same seller.

To sell sperm, the person, according to Olufunsho, must stay off sex for five days. He undergoes some tests to confirm that he is not HIV positive and that he also has healthy sperm among others. He said, “If the same person is still interested and we still need him, he would repeat the screening process again. We pay N10, 000 per ejaculation for other subsequent ones. With my own discretion, if the quality of the sperm is good and we have somebody who needs something that matches perfectly with that seller, we may reduce the probation period, but the sperm must be very good. “Although that is the protocol, it could always be amended when there is nothing wrong with the person. Even if someone ejaculates the first time and in twenty minutes time, he does the same, it is still going to be good, but not as good as the first one.”

At the various fertility centres where our correspondents posed as potential sperm seller, the clinic workers made keen attempts to have them start the process immediately, by leaving blood samples for tests. On one occasion, a clinic worker told one of our correspondents that he was willing to waive the two to five days’ probation period of abstinence, after our correspondent said he wished to “sleep over it.” The worker said, “What is there to think about? After all, you already said you’re not married. You can leave your blood sample for testing while you go ahead and think over it.” Investigation showed that fertility centres want sellers between 18 and 45 years of age and expect them to abstain from sex, two to five days before giving sperm sample, depending on the centre.

Other conditions to be met by potential sperm sellers include testing negative to HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, sickle cell and some other sexually transmitted diseases. Tests are also carried out to determine the count, morphology (shape) and motility of the sperm cells. In addition, fertility centres claim to also place a high premium on average intelligence, education and lifestyle. Although, Saturday PUNCH learnt that such claims are not always true as more emphases are actually placed on height and other physical attributes. “It is not immediately that we pay. We prefer AA genotype because it can be given to anybody, unlike AS that cannot be given to just anybody,” Olufunsho added. However, an employee in another fertility clinic in Lagos, Akin, said sperm sellers could get paid within a week of starting the process. This is possible only if they satisfy the conditions.

He said, “If the motility is good, the count is good and you’re okay, then, you can produce for us. If everything is okay, within a week, you can get your money.”A 2012 study into the reproductive health of 26,600 men in France, warned of a sperm crisis worldwide. It said that sperm concentration has decreased by a third since the 1990s. The study found a continuous 32.2 per cent decrease in sperm concentration over a period of 17 years. During the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology annual conference in London in July 2013, some experts, critical of the study’s validity, said it did not completely represent the situation in certain areas, particularly the developing world.However, a fertility expert at Mother’s World Care, Ikeja, Lagos, Dr. Margaret Olusegun, said the situation is similar in Nigeria.

She said, “A man should have a good count, up to 40 to 50 million sperm per millimetre of semen upward. But you find that these days, men have more challenges with fertility than women. “Although, I don’t have the statistics, men are the ones with more challenges now, even though they are the ones who drive out their wives if they can’t bear children.” Olusegun explained that good sperm should have “at least 50 per cent motility (activeness) because sperm cells can be active, sluggish or dead.” “For morphology (shape) too, which could be normal or abnormal, sperm should have upward of 50 per cent normal cells. And there should not be bacteria growth,” she added. Ogunmokun described low concentration of sperm as “Oligospermia.” He, however, said a sperm count with a minimum lower limit of 20 million sperm per millimetre of semen would still be considered normal. 

But he added that any sperm concentration of less than 20 million per millimetre of semen could be categorised as mild, moderate or severe oligospermia, depending on the count.Ogunmokun said fertility problems could be with the man, the woman or the two of them. Saturday PUNCH learnt that the demand for sperm has made the fertility business a lucrative one. Many of the fertility centres in Lagos have facilities for sperm preservation, where it’s freezing costs about N50, 000 per quarter. Ogunmokun said, “After collection, the semen is processed and seminal fluid and all other things are removed. The sperm is put in little bottles and placed in special containers called dewars, connected to a power source. It is stored at very low temperature and there must be an indicator for monitoring should there be a change in the condition.”

He, however, added that there must be a standby generator in a place like Nigeria, where power supply is unstable, as sperm can be frozen for decades. “Although, there are many other reasons why people freeze sperm, someone living far away from his wife can decide to freeze his sperm for the wife’s use while he’s away. Also, someone going for cancer treatment can freeze his sperm before starting the treatment since such treatments affect sperm production,” he added. Ogunmokun said fertility centres focus more on university undergraduates to ensure that sperm donors have a certain degree of intelligence. He said, “The current practice is to actually recruit sperm donors and the focus is on undergraduates. The focus is on students because they should be able to provide their ID cards so that background checks can be done.”

 According to Ogunmokun, the perceived increase in the number of men with low sperm count is as a result of infection and lifestyle habits like sitting for too long and wearing of tight underwear. He said, “The testes are not supposed to be too close to the body because of the higher body temperature. The testes are naturally colder, so people who travel long distances or sit in traffic for long can be prone to infertility.” Ogunmokun advised that men should “exercise appropriately, take good nutrition, avoid tight underwear, premarital sex, cigarette and alcohol to try to prevent low sperm count.” However, Olusegun identified good hygiene as key to the prevention of low sperm count, saying, “Our environment is too contaminated.”

Culled from The Punch
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Ladies, Can You Rock This Shirt?

Rita Ora stepped out in NYC on Thursday wearing what looked to be a men's button-up shirt from the front, but it lacked fabric in a major way in the back. Ladies, can you rock this shirt/blouse?
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Ese Walter's Saga: Pastor J Writes Pastor Biodun (COZA)

This issue is still on oh! Pastor J writes Pastor Biodun. Shouldn't they just come up with the truth and kill this matter already? What do you think? Read the letter below:
"For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.”Isaiah 9:16 “Let them alone: they be leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.”- Matt 15:14
I was going to be silent on this sad, pathetic but true (in many shades) allegation against Pastor B and his popular and trendy ministry. My silence was borne out of respect for the kingdom of God and things that pertain to God. But all this changed when I heard the horrific tales of people who had been through the mess of this blind man, and the fact that he had no moral motivation to deny or accept the allegation; all he showed on Sunday was a demented swagger and perverse talk. Continue to read the rest ...
My sole purpose in writing this piece is to open the eyes of the world and believers to the hypocrisy and nonsense behind the pulpit, and to plea that these wolves and blind men stop deflating the faith of people who Christ died for. I am a Pastor, a full time minister at that, and I shall not sit back whilethe name of my God, the ministry, and the works of other shepherds is brought to disrepute by the activities, action and inaction of a few blind men behind the pulpit.

I am tired of the nonsense of religion crying out, “touch not my anointed”; does this mean we cannot rebuke ourselves when we err, this much Paul did to Peter when he erred in Galatians 2:11 “But when Peter was come to Antioch, I withstood him to the face, because he was to be blamed”. It is therefore pertinent that I rebuke the wolves in shepherd’s clothing’s. It is time to set the record straight, and please don’t sell me the bullocks of judge not, I haven’t said anyone is going to hell, but of course if they don’t change, they have only one path. 
It is high time we told the truth, which is plain, simple and without coloration. The stories of Franca and Ese is not only true but they are just a few tales of the tantalizing sex escapades of this clergy. This has been a recurring decimal in the ministry of the clergyman. This wasn’t the first time these stories will come forth, for those old COZA members, for those who were there when he was in Ilorin, when the church moved to Pipeline Road, Ilorin, having left Kwara Hotel, they will remember there was a time when the Pastor was suspended from ministering by his Father in the Lord, Rev Oset of Canaan Ministries. Rev. Oset sent guest ministers to the church every Sunday after that, but still Pastor B in his deceit will still minister in the pretence of introducing the guest minister, while he exhorts for minutes. 
I therefore laugh in mockery when He says his wife loves him, the woman has no choice. His core circle of Pastor Wole (Ilorin Chapter, the only man who maybe clean), and Pastor Flo (COZA, Lagos) knows of this fact, little wonder Ese said Pastor Flo said he knows about their adventures in that hotel room in London.
This is not the story of a hater; I don’t want or envy anything he has. He cannot ever have what I have and carry; neither do I crave for what he has. I am sure no one in the city of Ilorin, where this man started is bemused by these stories, no one who finished from the University of Ilorin during the period of 2003-2008, and was not a blinded COZA member can be mightily shocked at these revelations. I have heard tales of many more victims
I even heard from a woman who knows five friends who were victims, I saw it online the other day of a guy who said he formally works for him and he knows up to 130 people, outrageous as it may sound that too is true. Rev Oset in true conscience cannot deny the knowledge of these negatives. But we are a nation of hypocrites and religious folks; we ask no questions of leaders, so they can hide under the canopy of religion, even when they are filthy. Anyone who asks is rebuked by those who say, the bible says pray. It is sad that those who say pray themselves have not prayed. But Pastor B is just a decimal in an ever mounting number of wolves in the Church of Christ.

Someone told me yesterday that this can’t be the end of him and his tyranny, because even in Ilorin in those days, the allegation was rolled under the rug. On Sunday, August 25, 2013, the man leading certain blind men under the veil of religion and ‘spiritism’ said God told him not to say anything, he then said they are preparing a robust response. Who is fooling who? We must not keep quiet and watch the bride of Christ, the church, rubbed and undignified in mud and slime by a filthily rich pastor who thinks he can do anything and get away with it.

It is a pity that we run sensational press and media outfit in this country, and that our press is blinded by religion. If this were to be ‘saner’ climes the press would by now be researching, there would by now be investigative journalism. The truth would be dogged up and resurrected to life. For this is not about a mistake that a Pastor made, it is about a filthy man’s way of life.

And then about, “teaching a new level of grace’; please be reminded that Grace is not a license to sin, rather it empowers us to live above sin. Romans 6:1-2 says, “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound? God forbid. How shall we, that are dead to sin, live any longer therein?” In my years of being a Christian, studying God’s word, preaching the gospel, listening to sound teachers, I have not heard of a grace that gives permission to sin. 

Stop being deceived, grace is the new dispensation, according to Hebrew 8:6-12, and under grace we do not follow any written code, law or traditions. That is done away with. The tablet of Moses is over with. But we are not reckless sinners; we are under a new covenant based on better promises. God’s law is written in our minds and hearts. We live according to His dictates. The Holy Spirit and our conscience convicts and judges us respectively. This is the only way we live a holy life. God’s strength and empowerment is the grace to do according to that written by God in our hearts and minds.

I write this with a heavy heart, though I wish I never had to write this, but I pray this madness stops. I know many who have stopped going to church, many whose faith has been derailed by the act of madness of this man, and many blind men like him. If they are not going to heaven, let them stop taking men out of the straight and narrow. No one understands the pain in meeting a man, whose faith has been derailed by a man who was supposed to help establish him. For such a man, words can’t bring him back, the best we can do is to pray and hope. I indulge the clergy to be of a higher moral standard.

My candid advice to the church at this end time is that the church must grow in knowledge; it’s high time we stopped bamboozling you. You must stop making idols of men. You must stop making men such as I, substitute for the Holy Ghost. Honour us; revere us… but that is where it ends. Without the Call, the Oil, and the Holy Spirit; we are mere mortal. But know for sure that this too shall pass; only the truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom abides forever.

For Pastor B and his sense making COZA people, remember the word of Christ in Matthew 15:14. How many of you even live life bearing the fruit of righteousness. Stop being blind, the ditch is close by. Look into this case, ask your pastor questions, seek genuine answers and not emotional rhetorics, hold him responsible, and do not forget the word of God, “then shall they know if they follow to know…” I am sure evidence abound. Seek to know from some key PCU members (who may need to be deposited in Gods ICU). Its time you hear not only about grace, but HOLINESS without which no one will see the Lord.

Finally don’t bother praying against me, I can say like Paul, “For me to die is gain, to live is Christ”, but I cannot even go now, because I am yet to fully finish the task set before me. Don’t waste your time using misguided scriptural interpretation. This I write is true, and I am sorry if you don’t like it. Your Pastor, and every other wolf whose conscience is not seared knows it is the complete true.

God bless you.
God bless His Church.
God bless Nigeria

Pastor J
God’s House
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Wizkid Is Nigeria’s "King" Of Twitter!

According to vanguard, Wizkid, Ayo Balogun has got every reason to beat his chest again, even going as far as calling everyone “broke” this time around with a bit of a smirk on his face as another feat has been added to his mounting heap of honours and accomplishments. Continue to read the rest of the story ...
Though the 24-year-old met a lot of big guns on the scene but it appears he is out-muscling them on the popularity contest by a long stretch. The twitter followers check reveals the  ‘Pakurumo’ crooner has followers totalling over 720,000 while next in line to him, D’Banj, Tuface Idibia and close rival Davido are a long shot away, with the closest person with followers less than 400,000 people.
For sometime now, leading social media, twitter has been the litmus test to measure popularity, especially among entertainers the world over. Lady Gaga got so big she felt she should have a social media of her own, hence ‘Little Monsters’ was born.

Do you agree with this report?

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Meet The New Nigerian Twin Pop Stars: Clinton and Blair Roberts

Clinton and Blair Roberts
They are twins,17, the latest singing sensations to make it to the final stage of the Nigerian X-factor. Clinton and Blair Roberts are called the DNA twins; they originally come from Imo State in Nigeria. Professionally the boys have only been on the music radar for two years.
"We started from the choir in church, and then we had a group in secondary school. We were the head of the music team and drama team in secondary school, so we decided to take up music two years back," the twins stated, further adding that they decided to try out the X-factor competition and went for the auditions scaling through five stages of the show before reaching the final stage.
"We got to the top nine of the X-factor, though we did not go as far as we wanted to, but God helped us. Everything has been God, right from day one it has been God's favour," they stated.
"We went for the auditions, we did not really have much expectations, we were just like, let's go and try. There were thousands of people for the auditions, all over. Our talent helped, but it was favor of God that took us to the top nine," the twins stated.

People have fondly called them P-Square (popular Nigerian twin pop stars) in the making, but DNA twins are happy to be just that, the DNA twins. They are determined to make a name for themselves in the world of music, and are doing their best to achieve that goal.
The DNA twins told Leadership their inspiration has been their mother and family. Some of their role models are Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, P-Square, 2 Face, who have also been an inspiration were the twins are concerned.

Quizzed on their style of music the DNA twins state that they are adaptable. "It's all about business so whatever the people want we give it to them. Sometimes you also have to do what you like as well to express yourself and all that, but this is Nigeria and you have to balance the equation," they said. The twins will also be releasing three singles before the month ends and net month would see them performing on air, to the public and doing videos as well.

Their mother Becky Roberts is appreciative of their talents while insisting that education for the twins, who are in their teens, is a must. "Basically my husband and I just encourage them and say 'look you guys still have to focus on your studies while doing music.' They have finished their WAEC and we are hoping that sometime next year they would move into university God willing. So I appreciate God," she told Leadership.

On their advice to youths who want to become musicians the twins had this to say, "Be sure that your mind is telling you to do that and be passionate about it. Go for it, never give up and always be humble. Always keep God in mind, always be prayerful and the sky is your limit," they advised.

Do you think they will take over from P-square?
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Lagos Ranked World’s 4th Worst City On Earth

 Lagos is the fourth worst city in the world, Economist Intelligence Unit, EIU, an independent forecasting and advisory business within the Economist Group has said. And its top worst cities, are scattered around Africa and Asia. Lagos, the fourth on the list, shares its 137 position with Port Moresby, in Papua New Guinea on 38.9 per cent.The report made available yesterday described it as the second-fastest growing city in Africa and the fourth worst city on earth.
“Rapid growth is not always a good thing because Lagos is now a magnet for two perpetual threats to peace: pirates and Islamist warriors. Boko Haram have a problem with cities like Lagos and also lots of weaponry. Pirates threaten trade and use kidnapping as a method of funding. Islamist terrorist groups such as Boko Haram (“Education is forbidden”) want to create their own version of heaven on earth by destroying cities such as Lagos and imposing strict sharia law. Lagos has enormous potential but as yet little to show for it – hence its poor ranking,” the report said. EIU in its 2013 annual survey of the world’s 140 major metropolises, said Lagos has a long way to go politically, socially and economically before it joins the emerging market club.
Do you agree?
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More Photos Of Omotola And Family In Europe

The actress and family are still having a swell time in the Europe. Omotola's got the legs. More Photos when you continue
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Photos: Nollywood Actresses Chika Ike & Rukky Sanda Rock New Hair-Dos

You like?
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Video: Governor Suntai's Incoherent Stage-Managed New Cabinet Swearing-In

Having seen this video do you think he's fit to resume duties as the executive governor of Taraba or his croonies are trying to force him to?

Source: Sahara Reporters TV
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Kemi Olunloyo (Daughter Of Former Oyo Governor) Prefers Vibrators To Penises!


The 49-year-old has a reputation for making controversial statements posted a new message on her facebook page recently saying no man’s penis can really satisfy but vibrators do. What do you think?
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Nollywood Producer Dumps Hubby, Walks Away With His N6m

Tosin Aderounmu, the brain behind the popular Yoruba film titled Omi Ata has walked out of her matrimonial home with her husband's 6 million naira and a highlander jeep. Her husband, a hotelier got her a highlander jeep, gave a whopping N6m to shoot a movie and also sponsored her trip abroad dumped the rich dude leaving him heartbroken. When her husband was contacted to confirm if truly the marriage has hit the rocks, he said, “well it is true that she left me but I leave everything to God which is all I can say about it for now.” However, Tosin said that they are only having a misunderstanding and that as soon as everything is over, the people that are peddling the news about their separation will be the one to come and rejoice with them when the storm is finally over. You guys should sort things out jare.
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Caption This Photo

Ladies, guys what's going down here? Caption this photo.
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Photos: TrendySturvs Blogger & #BBATheChase House Mates Melvin & Beverly Osu

Beverly, Me & Melvin
That's "me" between Nigeria's representatives  at the just concluded #BBA The Chase - Beverly & Melvin. They were at my sister stations - Cool FM and Wazobia FM yesterday. It was fun meeting both of them. Beverly has a wonderful personality - we hit if off immediately.

Anyway, how do I look? Be nice sha, lol! More pics after the break  ...

Beverly & I ... the diva in the making  :)
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Photos & Video: Naked Guy Dances For Beer Not For Davido's $3000 Skelewu Competition

Contrary to the news making the rounds, it turns out that the naked guy is a South African who was dancing with his colleagues for BEER! He was obviously drunk *hick* Watch the video after the break ...

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Afro Candy Proposes Movie Role But Beverly Osu Refuses

Afrocandy's Proposal
Beverly's Refusal
Beverly who was on air with Dotun at the Coolfm studios rejected Afrocandy's offer when Dotun prompted her about it. She said: "Afrocandy nibo? No....ooooo. Thanks for the Offer, but NO! Since she's been there, done that, why doesn't she just take the offer? Can you just picture Beverly, Cossy and Afro Candy in one movie???
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Photos: P-Square's Chicago Concert

 Well done guys! Continue for more pictures ...
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Photo: OJB Jezreel Receiving Treatment In India

TSB wishes OJB Jezreel quick recovery!
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BET Awards Winner, Ice Prince, Splashes Millions On A Bentley

Click for Full Image Size 
BET Awards winner, Ice Prince Zamani is now a proud owner of an expensive Bentley 'toy'. The handsome dude has now reportedly acquired a 2010 model of Bentley GT, which we learnt he got recently. The Choc City 'golden boy', as we heard, is over-excited to have added the posh car to his list of cars in his garage. Nigerian celebs now have a favourite past time - acquiring expensive cars! Congrats, Ice Prince!!!
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Peter Okoye Posts Photos From A Strip Club In Atlanta (18+)

Hmm, Peter make you small, small o! Thumbs up or down? Continue to see another picture!
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Photos: Melvin And Beverly Are Back In Nigeria

 They made us proud. Welcome home guys! See the crowd that came to welcomed them at the airport when you continue

Melvins dad

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Party With Cool FM Crew At The “Cool Club Hop” Tomorrow Wednesday 28th August 2013

Cool Club Hop - BellaNaija - August 2013
Join your favorite celebrities like DJ Xclusive on music duty, Dotun, Mannie and a host of others as they party and have fun at the Cool Club Hop this Wednesday . Don’t forget to bring a friend.
Date: Wednesday 28th August 2013
Time: 10PM
Venue: Club Vegas, Ikeja, behind Sheraton Hotel, Lagos
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Singer Waje Cuddles A Baby Crocodile

Hmmmm.... you like her outfit?

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Photos From Ngozi Nwosu's 50th Birthday Old School Party.

Good to see the actress in good health and spirit. See more swag photos when youcontinue

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