Happy New Year Everyone!

Dear TS readers , Here is wishing you a wonderful new year! May God bless you supernaturally this new year beyond your expectations, Amen.
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Please explain what this photo implies??

What do you think the message is?
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President Jonathan Declares State of Emergency in Different Parts of Nigeria

The President Goodluck Jonathan has declared a state of Emergency in some parts of Nigeria, Read the transcript below
1.Fellow Nigerians, it has become necessary to address you on recent events in some parts of the country that have threatened our collective security and shaken the foundations of our corporate existence as a nation.

2.You are all aware of the security challenges which the activities of the Boko Haram sect have foisted on the country. What began as sectarian crises in the North Eastern parts of the country has gradually evolved into terrorist activities in different parts of the country with attendant negative consequences on our national security.
3.      Government in an effort to find a lasting solution to the security threats occasioned by the activities of the Boko Haram sect, constituted a Presidential Committee under the Chairmanship of Ambassador Usman Gaji Galtimari, to ascertain the immediate and remote causes of the crises. While efforts are being made to implement the recommendations of the Committee, the crises have assumed a terrorist dimension with vital institutions of government including the United Nations Building and places of worship becoming targets of terrorist attacks.

4.   While the search for lasting solutions is ongoing, it has become imperative to take some decisive measures necessary to restore normalcy in the country especially within the affected communities. Consequently, I have in the exercise of the powers conferred on me by the provisions of section 305(1) of the Constitution, declared a state of emergency in the following parts of the federation, namely:

(i)  Borno State
a)  Maidugiri Metropolitan LGA
b)  Gamboru Ngala LGA
c)   Banki Bama LGA
d)  Biu LGA
e)   Jere LGA
(ii)  Yobe State
a)  Damaturu LGA
b)  Geidam LGA
c)   Potiskum LGA
d)  Buniyadi-Gujba LGA
e)   Gasua-Bade LGA
    (iii) Plateau State
a)  Jos North LGA
b)  Jos South LGA
c)   Barkin-Ladi LGA
d)  Riyom LGA
   (iv) Niger State
a)  Suleja LGA

The details of this proclamation will be transmitted to the National Assembly as soon as they reconvene from their current recess, for their necessary action.

5.    The Chief of Defence Staff and the Inspector-General of Police have been directed to put appropriate measures in place to ensure the protection of lives and properties of residents in the affected parts of the country. I therefore urge the political leadership in the affected states and Local Government Areas to give maximum cooperation to the law enforcement agencies deployed to their respective communities to ensure that the situation is brought under control within the shortest possible time.

6.   The Chief of Defence Staff, in collaboration with other Service Chiefs, has also been directed to set up a special force unit within the Armed Forces, with dedicated counter terrorism responsibilities.

7.   As part of the overall strategy to overcome the current security challenges, I have directed the closure of the land borders contiguous to the affected Local Government Areas so as to control incidences of cross boarder terrorist activities as terrorists have taken advantage of the present situation to strike at targets in Nigeria and retreat beyond the reach of our law enforcement personnel.

8.  Let me assure our neighbours, especially within the ECOWAS sub-region, of Nigeria’s commitment to its international obligations as provided by the ECOWAS Protocol on Free Movement of Persons. The temporary closure of our borders in the affected areas is only an interim measure designed to address the current security challenges and will be reviewed as soon as normalcy is restored.

9.   I commend the efforts of our political leaders at various levels as well as our traditional and religious leaders for their support for the various conflict resolution mechanisms and peace building measures that have been initiated by this administration. We call on the citizenry to continue to provide useful information to our law enforcement agencies to enable us arrest the situation.

10. Terrorism is a war against all of us. I call on all Nigerians to join hands with government to fight these terrorists.

11. I wish all Nigerians a very happy New Year.

12.   Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
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Hausa Actress Rabi Ismail Sentenced To Death Escapes From Prison

Hausa actress, Rabi Ismail, who was condemned to death by a court in july in Kano State for the murder of her boyfriend, has reportedly escaped from a prison in Hadejia, Jigawa State. She was awaiting hanging before she was discovered missing in her cell. 
Naija, how did this happen? 
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99 year old man sets to divorce 97 year old wife due to 77 year old infidelity claim by wife

An Italian man  Antonio (99) is seeking divorce from his wife, Rosa(97), due to infidelity that happened 77 years ago. Wow, thats a long time.
Infidelity that happened back in the 1940s, that is. Just before Christmas, Antonio found old love letters addressed to the now 97-year-old Rosa in a drawer and demanded a divorce. "Guilt-stricken, she reportedly confessed everything but was unable to persuade her husband to reconsider his decision,"

Would you divorce due to old infidelity after 77years of marriage??
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Eucharia Anunobi Ordained an Evangelist

Oops! Surprised? Its true The actress was ordained on the 18th of Dec.an evangelist by pastors at Fresh Oil Ministry, Egbeda, Lagos. Congratulations
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Photo of the day: MI Vs Banky W

If you move,I 'll shoot you
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Edris Beats Jaywon

Upcoming artist Jaywon was beaten up by his label mate, Edris Abdulkareem yesterday at satellite town carnival. Though no one could actually tell what brought about the fight, a lot of people who knows both parties say Edris has been beefing Jaywon because of his rise in the industry. He alongside his thugs beat up jaywon and since Jaywon couldn’t over power them, he was seriously injured. I hear he is presently hospitalized.
Jaywon sorry o! Edris learn to love your neighbour as ya self
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Is Jackie Appiah on a slimming coarse?

Actress, Jackie Appiah. Is she on slimming coarse?
She looked better when she had more flesh, what do you think? Anyways, we love you always.
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Man shot to death, Pregnant wife arrested for his murder

The family of late Ibrahim Abudu, believe Hadiza his wife,used a double barrel gun in shooting her husband in cold blood, over his plans to marry a second wife.A gun was recovered from the crime scene and an autopsy will be carried out on the corpse to unravel the cause of his death.
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Susan Peters New Photos

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Son kills mother and Dumps her in a well in Kaduna

The popular Yoruba saying that, 'train your child to give you rest of mind' worked against Mrs. Martina Usha, a 57-year- old resident of Maraban Rido, a suburb of Kaduna, as her son she laboured so hard to give the best of education butchered her like a cow and dumped her dismembered body in a well.
Although the incident occurred mid last month, but skeletal details were at the disposal of Crimewatch until recently, when our reporter succeeded in speaking with the 34 years old suspect, Emmanuel Usha, at the Kaduna Police Command Headquarters.

Crimewatch gathered that Martina was the first wife of Engineer Godwin Usha and a mother of three children. Her first child, a girl, was said to have died at the age of 15, leaving the woman with two boys, Emmanuel and his younger brother.

A source close to the Usha family disclosed how the suspect had been passionate about blood or had been using blood for something which is not yet known to people. According to him, Emmanuel had always loved draining blood from animals, right from his Secondary School days."Emmanuel had at one time, killed a dog in their compound, drained its blood and kept it in his room for use which is best known to only him. He did the same thing to a cat which was even very friendly with both the young and old in the compound," he recalled.

Though, the suspect had allegedly had series of quarrels with his late mother and even hit her with shovel, no one, including his parents suspected he could butcher his biological mother in such a dastardly manner. The recent problems which resulted in the death of Mrs. Martina, was said to have begun, after she relocated from Ungwan Television, where she lived with her husband, to her apartment in Sabo Tasha. Crimewatch gathered that it was at Sabon Tasha that Emmanuel made the first attempt to murder her. That was the time he allegedly used shovel to hit her on the hand.

According to the same source, there were several other unsuccessful attempts by the suspect to kill her, before the recent one, which led to death of the hapless woman. Investigation further revealed that the four bedroom flat, where deceased was eventually butchered was built by her, after her retirement as a senior staff of Kaduna Refining and Petrochemical Company (KRPC). She was said to have moved into the house with Emmanuel and his sibling.
Report also had it that before she met her untimely death, there was a face-off between her and the suspect, immediately she returned from where her younger son was receiving medical treatment.

Another source, who lives close to late Martina's house told our reporter how she was passing by that fateful Monday evening and heard a faint shout from someone, who was screaming for help, adding that nobody could enter into the compound because of the high fence. The source, who preferred anonymity added: “Small time, we no hear the noise again and we come think say, everything don dey okey." She explained that the woman ceased screaming, adding that since they were sure that her son was inside the compound, they had no reason to be worried until they reported her missing the following day.

Another source disclosed that Emmanuel never reported his mother's disappearance to anyone, including her church members and friends, until some concerned members of her church saw him outside and asked after her. He was said to have snubbed them and that was how people began to suspect foul play. The source further added: "Reaching Wednesday morning, Reverend Father Mark, the Priest of the Mission, became apprehensive and queried what must have gone wrong that made Mrs. Martina Usha, who never missed any morning devotion to be absent? The concern for Mrs. Martina’s wellbeing compelled her closest friend, Veronica Umah and Volunteered Catechist, Michael Iheoma, to immediately rush to her house, where they met Emmanuel, and asked after his mother.

They met her son, (Emmanuel), asked him after his mother and he was said to have responded in a very harsh tone, which gave them the impression that something must have gone wrong.“When we went to the house, I spoke with him and asked after his mother and he responded harshly, saying, ‘my mother has not come back’.” It was further gathered that shortly after that, some youths from the church also came to the house , where they saw him mopping the floor, a development which gave more room for suspicion. According to them, they knew the suspect was not known to be humble enough to get involved in domestic chores, such as mopping of the floor.

But out of annoyance, occasioned by the insistence of church members on knowing Mrs. Martina's whereabouts, Emmanuel rushed to Ungwan Television to inform his father for the first time, about her mother's disappearance.
And when Engineer Usha rushed to Maraban Rido and did not see his wife, he quickly reported the matter to the police. Crimewatch checks, however, revealed that the following day, a member of the Communication Committee of the St. Simon Catholic Church, Brother Godwin Boi, and the Chairman of the Committee, Brother David Adayi, came to the house and desperately carried out a search and suddenly concentration of houseflies at the back of the house where a well is situated.

The discovery was said to have compelled them to open the well and offensive orduor oozed out.
It was the offensive odour that made them to order Emmanuel to fetch some water from the well for scrutiny.
And when he fetched it, he testified by that it had a foul odour. And before they could ask further question, he had taken to his heels. But unfortunately for him, he ran into the waiting hands of some angry youths, who were desperately waiting outside the gate to be furnished with the latest information on the matter.
He was later handed over to the police, after parts of his late Martina's body were recovered from the well by some experts.
Source: The Sun
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Is the man who threatened to kill himself on facebook really dead?

The man in the above picture(Diano Ovie Richy) threatened to take his life on Christmas day, but no one knows if he actually did. You can read peoples comments on his facebook page.Here
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Lady Gaga Shows -Off New Boyfriend

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney
This is one of the first pics of the couple in public, Lady Gaga strolled with her hot new boyfriend Taylor Kinney in California recently.
The couple met on the set of Gaga's video for "You and I," where Kinney played her love interest.

So far no signs of a bad romance
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Kaffy Delivers Baby Boy

Dancer, singer and chorographer, Kaffy has put to bed a bouncing baby boy. Congrats dear!
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Argentina's President, Cristina Kirchner has cancer

Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. File photo
Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner(58) has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and will undergo surgery next week, two months after being re-elected in a landslide vote.
Ms. Kirchner, the country's first elected woman President, was found to have cancer “on the right lobe of the thyroid gland” during a routine medical examination on December 22.
“The illness has been contained,Tests carried out on Tuesday showed the cancer had also not spread to Ms. Kirchner's lymph nodes.
I wish her quick recovery!

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Man Stabs Son On Christmas Day

A 55-year-old auto mechanic at Adweso, Koforidua in the Eastern region on Christmas Day stabbed his 28-year-old son in the stomach.
Victor Afrifa, who drove out his wife, Victoria Dokuwaa and two sons from their home as a result of a misunderstanding, was said to have stabbed his 28-year-old son, Ebenezer Afrifa, when he went back home on Christmas day to up pick some clothes for a thanksgiving service.

The son was rushed to the regional hospital, where he was immediately sent to the theatre for surgery.
According to a police source, the man drove his wife and two sons out of their home at Adweso in Koforidua about seven months ago after a misunderstanding between the couple.

The wife, with the two sons, left for her father’s residence at the SSNIT flats in Koforidua. The police source said the elderly son, Ebenezer Afrifa, on Christmas day, decided to visit the father and help him with his laundry and also pick some few clothes he left in the father’s house.

According to the source, without any provocation, the man attacked his son and stabbed him in the stomach, causing his intestines to gush out.

The screams of the victim attracted the attention of some neighbours, who upon seeing Ebenezer’s condition, rushed him to the regional hospital at Koforidua.

The New Juaben Municipal police commander, DSP Christopher Quaicoe, confirmed the incident and said the suspect was picked up by the police on Monday and was currently in police custody pending further investigations into the matter.

The suspect was said to have attacked his son because he claimed the son, who was armed with a machete, rather came his house in the company of four other friends to attack him and he had to defend himself.
Source: Thomas Fosu Jnr
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Video:Garfield Christmas Special

You will love it.
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Kiss and Tell: Frank Edoho With girlfriend

Who wants to be a Millionaire presenter, Frank Edoho, was seen kissing his girlfriend in public. I guess he wants everyone to know he has moved on since breaking up with ex-wife, Katherine.
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Julius Agwu Covers Vanguard Alllure - Christmas Edition

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Islamic School Bombed In Sapele, 7 Injured,6 Arrested

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A bomb explosion occured in sapele, Delta State , yesterday in a makeshift Kiosk on Urhobo Road, Sapele when the bomb was thrown from a moving car with only two occupants.The victims were taken to the Sapele Central Hospital for treatment.Investigation revealed that Muslim scholars in the areas have been apprehensive due to the number of reported bomb blasts cases,  a situation which made them alter  most their prayers patterns.
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Nigerian man hangs himself on Christmas day

An unidentified middle-aged man was found hanging from a tree on Christmas day at Marina. He is yet to be identified because no ID was found on him when he was searched by police. 
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Jackie Appiah makes christmas donations to former drugs and alcoholic addicts

Ghanaian star actress, Jackie Appiah made a donation of food items, drinks and toiletries to the inmates of the Chosen Rehab Centre in Accra, as part of a way of celebrating her belated birthday and Christmas festivity.She decided to make a donation to the Chosen Rehab Centre, at the Achimota-Abofo road on Christmas Eve to bring joy to the inmates this festive season.
This is very thoughtful of her, keep it up. Hope to be like you when i grow up:-)
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Gafar Syntillate, CEO of iREP Tee dies in car accident

Young Nigerian C.E.O  of iREP T-Shirts popularly known as 'Syntillate' is dead. He died on boxing day following an accident he was involved in at Elegushi beach. It's so sad, May his soul rest in peace, Amen. 
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KATHERINE JACKSON Takes a Pic With Michael Jackson Impersonator

Katherine Jackson with a Michael Jackson impersonator
Katherine Jackson posed for a photo with William Hall, a Michael Jackson impersonator, during the "Legends in Concert" at Harrah's Las Vegas on Friday.
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Is Kim Kardashian naughty or nice??

Kim Kardashian sitting on Santa's lap
Kim Kardashian took her turn on Santa's lap during the Kardashian family's Christmas Eve party this weekend? Lol
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Angry Nigerian Children Write President Jonathan Over Christmas Day Blasts

Dear Mr. President: We should say Merry Christmas but we are not your government, we are not in the business of deception. After almost ten hours of gathering your thoughts to speak on the bomb blasts that rocked the nation yesterday, you still fell short of your own very low standards. 
What did you intend to say when you said Bomb Blasts are a burden we must live with? Why do you bother to budget over a trillion for security if we must live with the burden of insecurity? How come you are still a president? We do not blame you, we blame our older ones who were stupid enough to think that where you come from and your religion was all you needed to be a competent president.
They are crying now. We all cried yesterday on the darkest Christmas day of our short lives.
While we cried and left Christmas postponed for another year, we watched as you danced your life away like there was no tomorrow. Is it true that all you care about is the fact that you are the president so whatever can happen should happen. Last night we prayed for you. We prayed that the white men should be able to make common sense so that we can budget for it and then you will have it in abundance. As it is, it is obvious sir that you are grossly lacking in common sense.
If you weren’t, you would never come out to tell a mourning nation that it should get ready to live with the burden of destruction and insecurity. That was utterly insensitive and even the dumbest of our mates, fellow Nigerian children would never descend that low to an unprecedented level of cluelessness.

We understand this is not a sane country, if this was a sane country, your ilk will not be in a job. Your security chiefs, yourself and your cabinet would have been throwing resignation letters left right and centre. But then, here is a place where people are satisfied with just being in positions, that they are clueless about what to do in such positions does not matter.

Mr. President, Boko Haram defeated you in 2011. What plans are you making for 2012? Do you realise they have since improved while your security tactics remain stop and search? Do you realise they are far more coordinated than ever before? Have you thought of engaging more intelligence in curbing this menace instead of just mere brute? Yes, you have issues with concentrating for long, why not budget for a concentrator? That way you are conditioned to at least focus on being the president of Nigeria instead of our national chief chef? You are wondering where that came from? It came from cassava bread sir. You chose the menu for 2012 but we hope you realise that Boko Haram certainly has a menu.

Please Mr. President, they will look to attack again in the New Year, do what you have never done before, get your security chiefs to prevent that by all means. Contrary to your assertion, we are not prepared to live with the burden of bomb blasts. Get yourself to work and stop excusing your inability to deal with Boko Haram on the premise that they are a necessity. What is that? If you cannot lead and be a president, help yourself and resign. Please take your vice-president along. You are a twin set of incompetence.

This letter has been written with kind words, not because we are in the mood to be nice to you but because we are children and respect is a value we want to live with but our lack of it sometimes is a burden you must live with as long as you force us to live with your Boko Haram burden.

We wrote you a letter on subsidy yesterday but we figured it would be better to send this before you get our other letter. As long as your cluelessness reigns supreme in this country, we will always remind you of our angst and stake in this nation. It is not by force to live in Aso Rock. So if you must, do the right things, say the right things and learn to get the basic things right.

The Bomb Blasts darkened our Christmas but your response dampened our mood even further. This is not the way to lead a people. If you need help, we will nominate one of us to offer you words of wisdom for free. As it is, you look overwhelmed by the mere job of providing security for Nigeria let alone the other duties you swore to carry out for Nigeria.

Action point: Sack yourself sir, and take Arc. Namadi Sambo along. It is a good place to start.
Association of Conscious Nigerian Children (ACNC)
Culled from Saharareporters
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Spot the difference

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Moms or Dads? Who Spoils kids most?

A lady needs your advice, she says: "Every Christmas, my husband goes really overboard buying presents for our kids. I tell him we don't need 50 more toys in our house (that they didn't even ask for, or know existed!), and that our kids need to learn that less can be more. But he's still shopping like a maniac. Any advice?
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Ramsey Noah and Matilda Obaseki Cover Complete Fashion

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Congrats Mr & Mrs Idemudia On the Dedicatiion of your Baby

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BornTroway-Yvonne Ekwere

Embellished Ankara dress by House 38Chiffon Blouse and Brocade Skirt by House 38

Yvonne Ekwere(24), also known as Vixen, is fast becoming a household name in the television and entertainment industry. Yvonne is surely paving her way to success and stardom.
The Silverbird TV presenter recently embarked upon a project, tagged BornTroway, aimed at “promoting individual self-expression, artistic skills, teamwork and integration through the arts among youths living in marginalized areas and selected through a public audition.”Her aim is to inspire and empower youths.

BornTroway was created for young people who are interested in the arts, honing their skills in music, dance, theatre and speech. These kids are trained and motivated to channel their talents constructively. 
Nice one
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Kelly Handsome in Car Crash- Crash scene photos

Kelly Hansome was involved in a car crash,he tweeted a series of photos from the car crash scene a few hours ago, the cause of the crash is unknown, but we thank God he is alive and receiving treatment.Read his tweet below
"I'm receiving adequate treatment and I feel stronger now. All I need is prayers, I love you all.."
Car crash photos when you continue

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Photo of the day: Genevieve and Solange Knowles

Stylish ladies right? Genevieve hanging out with Solange Knowles, Beyonce's sister.
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Patience Ozorkwo Looking Chic

                                         This is lovely. Like it?
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LADY GAGA LAWSUIT: Whiney Assistant Claims Gaga Demanded Towel After Shower!

 Lady Gaga's former assistant claims she was a slave to the singer, having to do such unconscionable things as fetching a towel for her after she showered, and keeping GG on schedule!
She worked for Gaga for 13 months, and is owed $380,000 in overtime.  O'Neill says her job included "ensuring the promptness of a towel following a shower and serving as a personal alarm clock to keep Gaga on schedule, She also had to cater to Gaga in "stadiums, private jets, fine hotel suites, yachts, ferries, trains and tour buses
O'Neill is suing Mermaid Touring Company, which Gaga uses for concerts.Gaga's rep told the New York Post the suit is "completely without merit."
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Christmas day bomb blast in Niger State

Several church goers lost their lives this morning when two bombs exploded during Christmas church service at St Theresa Catholic church in Madalla, Suleja, Niger state. 
A car with bomb was parked at the premises of the church, which exploded around 8: 30 AM as church members left the church premises after the Christmas day mass. The second blast occurred when a suicide bomber drove a BMW car into the church premises. More than 20 people were killed in the attack, several others have been taken to the hospital. 

More photos when you continue...Photosensitive image, do not continue if you can't stand gory

So sad, may God help us.
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