Readers' Mail: Is He Just Using Me For Sex?

Here's another interesting mail from our repertoire. Kindly read and advise Angie accordingly.

Dear TSB,

I recently met a guy and we've been dating for a while now but I don't seem too understand where this whole thing is heading. He's obviously only interested in sex. We don't get too see each other regularly but whenever we do,  it's just sex and I am fed up with it. The annoying aspect is that the guy is like a bull, he stays for long before cumming and he does that several times a day when we are together!!! My friends think he's got a steady babe but he's just using me because I am available and willing. Whenever I bring up plans about our future together, he just brushes it aside and heads back to another round of sex! 

Do you think he loves me or he's just using me to satisfy his sexual urges? Am I being too free with my body? Please mature advice only - no insults. Biko!


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