Readers' Mail: My Husband Cheated, Do I Cheat Too, To Feel Better?

Dear Trendysturvs, 
I prefer to go as Anonymous. I have been married for one an a half year now. I am a 28 year old woman. My husband and I decided not to have kids until after two years of marriage, to enable us enjoy the home before the  kids come.

Sometime last month, My husband was taking a shower after work. His phone rang and I decided to take the call for him. That is not wrong because we take each others call. My husband stored this number as Seyi. I quickly took the call and what I heard shocked. More after the break

Baby, I have been trying to call you, why didn't you pick my calls on time? Are you home yet?

I was stunned, just a year and a half into marriage and my hubby was already cheating on me? I answered the lady and told her, I was Tunde's wife and she quickly dropped the call. When he came out of the bathroom, I confronted him and he didn't deny. He asked me to forgive him, that it was the devil's handwork, that it will not repeat  itself again.

I feel hurt and in pain. Why did he cheat on me? What will happen when we have kids. Should I cheat on him, so i don't feel hurt when he does the same? Please I need your honest opinion



Dear Readers,

Kindly help Kate make up her mind. Though its not a good idea for her to cheat in vengeance. Two wrongs never make a right. Forgive and forge ahead,

Thanks, TSB
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