Who Should I Choose?

I’m 23years old, Nigerian and a single mom. Not been really lucky with getting “the right man” because of the culture back here.They believe women like me can’t be a wife because I have a kid already so no man is serious and can only offer sex which I ain’t ready for.
So I decide to try online dating and met Mr A who was sweet caring and understanding about 11months ago, he is Nigerian,9yrs older and presently studying in the UK(PHD). He never had a problem with me being a single mom but within those 11months he became this arrogant and self righteous man and I became invincible because it was all about him + he was never wrong and will never apologize even if he was and all this has been online. He kept saying he was coming since January but he never did so along the line, precisely 4months ago, I met Mr B who is 18yrs older than I am (online), divorced, has 2kids and down to earth…he came visiting 2months ago also based in the UK and he is so into me and I am important and also have a voice in this relationship. But I still love Mr A and isn’t ready to let go. I really don’t know what to do now especially now that Mr B wants me to move in with him and may propose. I’m so confused. Thanks.
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