Photo| Video: BBC Journalist Komla Dumor Dies At 41

Komla Dumor
Komla Dumor, one of Ghana's best-known journalists, has died suddenly in London where he was working for the British Broadcasting Corporation. Dumor, 41, died of a heart attack, according to the BBC on Saturday. He was a presenter on BBC World News and its "Focus on Africa" programme. The Ghanaian President, John Dramani Mahama, mourned Dumor's death, posting on Twitter, "Our nation has lost one of its finest ambassadors". 

In his last post on Facebook, where he has about 107,000 followers, Dumor said he was "looking forward" to interviewing a former South Sudan child soldier and musician Emmanuel JAL, in his television programme. Learning of Dumor's death, the musician said on Twitter, "Oh no, this is sad, may he rest in peace, I can't believe."

Dumor is survived by his wife, Kwansema, and his three children. On social media, when he wasn’t tweeting about and sharing photos of himself hard at work via Instagram, he was sharing stunning images of his adorable daughters. He was clearly a dad in love with his children. My heart breaks for his young family. 
Adieu Komla Dumor! See the recent post he made on his Facebook page below:
"God has been v good to me.,last year I experienced a lot of illness BP nearly gave me a stroke but I trod on..waking up at 2am and heading to work..exhausted sometimes..aching in my body a soul..mentally and emotionally drained ..but I kept going ..I smiled for the camera..I volunteered for extra shifts ..I showed respect to my colleagues from directors to the security guards..I took a lot of jealousy driven vicious insults and backstabbing  from petty people without reply..I remain silent in my personal strife and misery..I kept smiling and pushing on to present better and to engage w my audience and increase my following.,long days and frustrating times..but I kept going..through the west gate mall coverage through the Mandela funeral..even when illness had me collapsing I my boss the head of television called me for a 1 minute meeting..he said Komla we have decided to make you the anchor presenter for our coverage of the World Cup in Brazil ..we shook hands and I left..I looked to the sky and said thank you Lord for reminding me that you are on my side ..the enemy will be scattered..Selah!Selah! Praise Him..tomorrow is another day."

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